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HearthMasters Education

Masonry School


HearthMasters Masonry School
ducational courses for professional masons,chimney technicians, and hearth installers taught by experts in the industry. Projects headed by master mason Gene Padgitt. 


All classes are held in Independence, MO at our training center

​June 15-20, 2017 (6 days) Introduction to Masonry for Chimney Technicians
This class is geared towards chimney professionals who want to learn how to do basic masonry repairs that are commonly needed when doing chimney relining, minor masonry repair, and repairing or rebuilding a firebox. Participants will  attend classroom courses and learn about tools and equipment, mortar, bricks, block and stone, and get hands-on experience learning how to grind and point brick masonry joints, how to repair a firebox, how to build cement caps/crowns, how to cut out and replace a section of bricks to access a smoke chamber, how to repair a smoke chamber, and rebuild several courses of brick on an exterior chimney. We will also discuss block and stone chimneys, stucco application, and other forms of masonry fireplace restoration using pre-cast kits. This class or a working knowledge of masonry is required before taking other classes. Bring your own masonry tools (we provide a list). A certificate of completion will be issued to participants who successfully complete the course.  Download and fill out thisIntro_to_Masonry_Course_Registration.pdf
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to register
, pay via Pay Pal, check, or credit card. No refunds after 30 days prior to the event. This class will fill up quickly. Maximum 10 attendees, first come, first served. Regular price is $1,000, special price for first time attendees or NCSG conference attendees: $800 pp includes all lunches, handouts, a film of the project after it is completed, and a certificate of completion. CEUs for CSIA, NFI, and MHA  


June 24, 2017 - Building an Outdoor Fireplace

Participants will get hands-on practice building an outdoor Rumford style fireplace and learn about outdoor fireplace construction. See a completed outdoor fireplace on site, and practice cutting bricks and laying firebrick. Plans will be provided. This class is being presented by the Midwest Chimney Safety Council for members of the association. Join and register at 

______________________________________________________________________________2017 (6 days Date TBA) How to Build an Outdoor Padgitt Brick Oven

Hands-on and classroom study. Learn how to build an outdoor Padgitt style brick oven, build your own oven forms, and do finishing work. Includes the footing, base, wood bin, lintels, oven floor, insulation, block work, firebrick oven, twisted chimney, landing, and finish work using a variety of materials.  After the oven is built we will have a pizza party at our house. $1,200 pp includes all lunches, handouts, a film of the project after completed, and a certificate of completion. Date TBA

Get hands-on experience in this workshop 

What you will learn: 

  • How wood-fired ovens heat and the history of brick ovens
  • How to build a footing and block base
  • How to construct a firebrick oven
  • How to cut firebrick
  • How to build arch forms
  • How to install insulation and what type of insulation to use in different areas
  • How to build a chimney for the oven
  • How to build a roof over the oven
  • Different types of finish work and we will finish the exterior as well 
Handouts included. A film of the project will be mailed to you later. You will learn everything you need to know in order to build your own oven or start building for your customers. Brick oven building is an art and science - if it is not done correctly it will not work properly so we highly recommend attending a class before attempting to build one yourself.

Class limited to ten persons. No one under age 18 please due to OSHA requirements. Masonry experience helpful. Bring your own masonry tools. 

CEUs will be applied for from NFI and CSIA and will be available from the Masonry Heater Association as well.

Cost: $800 per person includes daily lunches, project handouts, film of the project, and a certificate of completion. Participants are responsible for hotel and other meals.  

 If interested in attending or sponsoring any class please send an e-mail to or call 816-461-3665 M - F 9 - 5 CST


Educational Classes

Will travel to present these courses at educational events and workshops hosted by an association or for your in-house training. Pay one fee for the instructors and you buy materials in advance (we will provide a list).

  • Introduction to Masonry: Learn basic masonry skills needed to do any type of masonry work using block, brick, and stucco. This 6-day intensive course will get your started on the right track.  
  • Building Rumford Fireplaces (Hands-On)
  • Building Masonry Heaters (Hands-On): Find out what masonry heaters are, the history of heaters, the different types of heaters available, and get hands-on experience building a masonry heater from the footing up. Usually includes the heater core, heated bench, and oven with chimney and finish work. 
  • Masonry Chimney and Fireplace Restoration: Learn the most commonly used methods to restore chimneys and fireplaces including flue liner repair, extraction of flue liners, installation of stainless steel and poured ceramic liners, how to build a cement crown with drip edge, how to repair smoke chambers. 
  • Chimney Relining and Liner Repair Options (Classroom)- All methods: Ceramic flues, tile, aluminum, stainless steel, custom steel liners and ceramic joint repair methods, smoke chamber restoration. (6 hours) Classroom. All chimney repair professionals need to know the different types of relining and repair methods available to them.
  • Chimney Relining and Liner Repair (Hands-On)- After taking the classroom course, we present hands-on tile removal, installation of a stainless steel flue liner, then application of a ceramic joint sealant, and smoke chamber restoration.  
  • Diagnosing and Solving Negative Pressure Issues (6 hours) Classroom and hands-on installation at your site. Learn how to solve this complicated issue that can affect performance of hearth appliances and much more.
  • Professional Proposals and Contracts (90 minutes)
  • Marketing for 2014 and Beyond (90 minutes)
  • Safe Chimney Access (90 minutes) Safety class
  • More classes coming soon and can be tailored to your needs
Most classes will have CEU's fro CSIA, NFI, MHA and other organizations
All courses taught by Marge or Gene Padgitt and/or visiting instructors
Please contact us for more information

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